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Ecosystem of Sustainability

Water-sensitive Urban Design

Rainwater harvesting and distribution systems will be put in place, ensuring optimum use of nature’s resources.

Energy-efficient Planning

Recyclable energy, in all forms, will find a place in the city centre. Any and all possible means of reducing energy expenditure will be explored and implemented.

Eco-friendly Processes & Materials

All buildings will adhere to strict environmentally-friendly building processes and materials, during construction as well as operations, as we work tirelessly to ensure every inch of the city centre remains sustainable.

Public Spaces for All

Extensive planning went into parks and recreational spaces, for residents to engage and interact communally, creating an environment of mutual trust and cooperation.

Infrastructure and Planning

The infrastructure of KWASA Damansara City Centre was planned to be comprehensively integrated for ease of connectivity and maintenance. Its public transportation was planned for accessibility ensuring efficiency for travellers across the city.


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