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Greener Tomorrow

10-acre Central Park

The expansive Central Park provides respite for visitors and residents, a natural green lung right at the heart of the city centre. Its plant life is made up of existing fauna, untouched, save only for the creation of trekking and cycling trails that cut through and dot the Park.

Central Park was designed to serve multiple purposes in the city centre, as two distinct Gardens. The North Gardens, where fun and activities abound with dynamic spaces like a Flower Amphitheatre, a Games Centre and Dancing Water Jets that encourage walking and exploration. The South Gardens, conversely, inspires therapy and relaxation, with Herbal & Spice Gardens, Urban Farming Corners and Art Sculptures.

Circle Green Boulevard

Located at the outer ring of the development, this encircling path is a cardio circuit surrounded by lush greenery. Spacious enough for cyclists and cool enough for afternoon strolls, this feature encourages healthy living and indulging in nature’s surroundings.

The Icon

This is the main courtyard area, located at the centre of EPF Head Office. It is a lush haven with abstract shrub sculptures, water cascades and ironwood trees.


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