Citizens of the Future

Wireless Infrastructure

KWASA Damansara City Centre is built wireless, with broadband connections available throughout the entire city. This infrastructure is the basis of all connections, as well as Internet-based and tech-based services in the city.

Technology-based Surveillance Systems

A comprehensive security surveillance allows more accurate and alert monitoring of residents and guests, including advanced, state-of-the-art systems.

Building Efficiency Monitoring

A system will be in place to detect, monitor and analyse energy usage and efficiencies throughout the buildings of the city centre, allowing owners and operators to better manage their resources.

World-class ICT Infrastructures

The glass and steel structures of KWASA Damansara City Centre will be built with wireless and technological infrastructures to cater to any and all businesses.

Quality Assessment & Control

All materials and equipment adhere to strict codes and procedures, ensuring the buildings and public spaces remain sturdy, faultless and secure for future generations.

Segregation of Property

To upkeep safety & security, and peace of mind, there will be clear segregation of public spaces and private property, as well as separate and dedicated access for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Progression of City and Community

As the city centre develops, its many citizens and communities will also grow and prosper equally. This is enforced by a meticulous approach to planning, execution and abiding with our long-term vision of the development.


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